Message from Top Management

The MEC Group is an industrial chemical product manufacturer that provides the world with the production technology needed to make 5G and other communications infrastructure a reality, and create high-performance IoT devices (vehicles, displays, and smartphones). We are also an R&D-oriented company with products boasting a nearly 100% global market share for certain niche manufacturing processes.

Since our founding in 1969, we have continued to grow operations rooted in the development, manufacturing, and sales of chemical products in the manufacturing of electronic substrate. We quickly established a global network expanding from Asia to Europe. Investing nearly 10% of annual sales towards R&D, we remain committed to aggressive business expansion and technological innovation. Applying our micro-patterning technology and resin-to-metal bonding technology, we strive to make even greater contributions to people around the world.

We will challenge ourselves to achieving innovation and the creation of intriguing value as continue with our global expansion.

We hope you will continue to look forward to new and exciting developments from MEC.

MEC Co., Ltd.
Kazuo Maeda, CEO & President