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Message from Top Management

The MEC Group is a chemical manufacturer specializing in providing the world with production technology vital to manufacturing mobile terminals, automotive electronics, and internet infrastructure. We also are a company dedicated to R&D. Some of the products we manufacture, although in niche markets, boast a nearly 100% share of the global market.

MEC was established in 1969 and went on to expand operations through the development, manufacture, and sales of chemical products used in the production of electronic substrates. We quickly established a global network in Asia and Europe while allocating approximately 10% of annual sales towards investments in R&D as part of our strategy to aggressively expand operations and improve our technology. More recent developments at MEC include entering the market for chemical products used in display manufacturing, further advancements in our core micro-patterning technology, binding technology improving adhesion between resin-to-metal bonding, and subsequent R&D into adhesiveless construction and weight reduction. At MEC, we are dedicated to contributing to a better global society.

We will challenge ourselves to achieving innovation and the creation of intriguing value as continue with our global expansion.

We hope you will continue to look forward to new and exciting developments from MEC.

MEC Co., Ltd.
Kazuo Maeda, CEO & President