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Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality

MEC Co., Ltd. continuously pursues better quality and higher reliability, so as to improve customer satisfaction.

1. Acquisition of ISO 9001 Certification

MEC Co., Ltd. obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification for the entire company in July 1996.

2. Quality Policy

MEC Co., Ltd. pursues quality through its quality management system, which complies with ISO 9001, to retain the trust of its customers.

  • With the principle of “quality first” placing top priority on customers, we ensure high quality and reliability that enables us to achieve our business goal of creating value for customers.
  • We maintain the PDCA circle to continuously improve processes, products and services with the participation of all employees in all departments.

January 6, 2020
MEC Co., Ltd.
Kazuo Maeda, President & CEO

3. Approach to Better Quality and Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

Based on our management philosophy of contributing to society in general through Visionary Technology, Reliable Quality and Meticulous Services, we try to understand the needs and expectations of our customers precisely, and strive to improve the reliability of products and provide consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

To pursue these efforts efficiently and effectively, we have established, and operate, a management system in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

4. Internal Auditing and Continuous Improvement

We conduct internal auditing regularly, not only to check that work is being done in accordance with various standards and in compliance with laws and regulations, but also to review the work from the perspective of improvement of efficiency (KAIZEN or improvement), quality improvement, product safety and reduction of the environmental burden.

While repeating the PDCA cycle to continuously improve the level of our work, we also try to work together with all our stakeholders in our endeavor to realize the ideal state.

5. Basic Policy for Materials Procurement

We select suppliers based on clear criteria in terms of quality, cost, delivery time, and technology level when we purchase materials. In addition, we take into account the environmental conservation efforts of suppliers.

We check the hazards and toxicity of materials and also respond to compliance issues and environmental conservation.

In order to ensure excellent products are delivered to our customers, we evaluate the performance of our suppliers on a yearly basis. Based on the results of the evaluation, we request our suppliers to make further efforts toward quality improvement and environmental conservation.

6. Methods of Ensuring Traceability

To prevent human errors and to strengthen traceability management and quality management, we introduced the Blending Control System in our production bases in 2004. This system has the following benefits:

  • Online management of material blending operations ≪automatic measurement and input of main materials≫
  • Prevention of problems associated with materials input ≪wrong material, excessive or insufficient input amount≫
  • Automatic recording ≪prevention of missing records or errors, operation with paperless instructions≫
  • Prevention of human errors ≪elimination of false assumptions, guesswork, misconceptions≫

In addition, the total management of materials, from material receipt to product shipping, has been made possible by combining the Blending Control System with other systems, such as EDP and our shipment management system.

This enables tracing of the following information with a product lot number indicated on product labels.

  • Material order sheets and acceptance inspection records
  • Records of production work and calibration of weighing machines
  • Equipment inspection records
  • Product inspection records
  • Shipment records