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1.Formulating the Compliance Regulations

We have formulated the Compliance Regulations, which specify the basic structure, roles of relevant parties, action guidelines and other matters concerning compliance.

2.Establishing the structure headed by the Compliance Committee

By setting up the Compliance Committee chaired by the President, we are pushing ahead with the development of the structure to ensure compliance for the entire Group and use various opportunities to raise awareness of every officer and employee.

3.Formulating the standards for operational actions

The Company has established the Employee Code of Conduct, to ensure that all employees comply with laws, prohibition of illegal profits, prohibition of bribery to public officials, etc., prohibition of insider trading, fair trade, prohibition of anticompetitive agreement, checking of contracts by the department in charge of legal affairs, prohibition of false advertising, respect for other companies’ intellectual property rights, safety and health, respect for privacy, and prohibition of discriminatory treatment.

4.Establishing the whistle-blowing system