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Approach to Diversity

Reemployment system

After asking all employees near retirement whether they want to be reemployed, we reemploy those who want to continue to work until age 65 in principle.

Percentage of female employees

As of the end of the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021, the percentage of female employees of all our employees working in Japan was 30.3%.
Nine women work in management, and two women are executives.

Employment of the challenged

We take the initiative in boosting the employment of challenged people to provide them with job opportunities.
As of December 2021, we meet the mandatory proportion of jobs for handicapped people.

Employment of foreign nationals

We aim to acquire capable human resources regardless of their nationalities. Our overseas subsidiaries mainly employ local people. In our workplaces in Japan, two  from China and one from Vietnam are working with us.

MEC DataAs of December 2021

Recognizing the need for diversity, to enable all employees to demonstrate their range of abilities to the maximum, we are striving to promote diversity for the purpose of creating a working environment that makes the best use of diversity in nationality, sex, sexual minority (LGBTQ+), age, and physical and mental condition.

Employment of women

In our workplaces in Japan, female employees (72 people) account for about a third of all our employees (237 people).
Among 46 people in management*, the number of women amounts to nine, accounting for 19.5%. By occupation, six in clerical work and three in research are demonstrating their abilities in their workplaces.
Of our seven Directors, five are men and two are women.

*Including executive officers

Employment of the challenged

Instead of just aiming to increase the percentage of challenged employees, we place the highest priority on employing people we really want and in gaining mutual satisfaction.

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2017/12 2018/12 2019/12 2020/12 2021/12
Number of employees* 222 240 249 246 244
Mandatory number of jobs for challenged people 4 5 5 5 5
Number of challenged employees 4 4 6 6 5

*Including secondees.