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Incentive Systems

Support for self-development

We award grants-in-aid to employees receiving external education approved of by the company.

System for listening to employees’ requests

We provide employees with opportunities to submit their requests concerning their own relocation and reshuffles via “career development sheets.”

Commendation system

We give employees certificates of commendation, along with rewards or commemorative items, for their proposals, contribution to good business results, social contribution, long service, etc.
Employees eligible for commendations for long service are awarded not only a commemorative item but also a special paid “Refresh” leave according to their length of service.


We offer incentives to employees who contributed to obtaining patents in order to encourage invention and the use of inventions. Additionally, we also give incentives to employees who obtained official qualifications or published academic papers.

Language training system

We have established a language training system with the aim of developing global human resources.
The Company bears all the costs of Selective Language Training after it has selected human resources, and is implementing it as a special program. As other efforts, the Company has also established the General Language Training program.