Metal resist stripping

These are fluoride-free and peroxide-free type strippers, easy to control and to handle.


S-1728, S-651A/S-651B

These fluoride-free and peroxide-free strippers are characterized by a fast and stable stripping rate and a large metal holding capacity. Control and handling are also simple and easy. MEC REMOVER S-651 is suitable for the stripping of solder films whose thickness is uneven because it is two-step type.

Chemicals to strip nickel efficiently and selectively.


NH-1860 series

This series can etch copper selectively on the copper and nickel co-existing substrate without damaging the copper surface. It is useful in forming copper posts using nickel as a barrier layer or in forming patterns through reverse transfer process using nickel as a base metal.

These strippers can strip tin-lead, copper and tin effectively, and can be controlled easily.



This nitric acid-type jig cleaner removes tin, tin-lead and copper. It has a large metal holding capacity, which leads to be cost-effective. Also, it generates little sludge, enabling easy control and handling.



This sulfuric acid-hydrogen peroxide type jig cleaner (additive type) rapidly removes copper deposited on jigs. High stability of hydrogen peroxide allows efficient removal of deposited copper.

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