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Solder mask pretreatment

Excellent adhesion to solder mask creates an accurate pattern/mask formation.


CZ-8100, CZ-8101

These organic acid-type microetching solutions create a super-roughened copper surface. The unique copper surface topography helps to achieve high copper-to-resin adhesion. As copper surface roughening agents, CZ-8100 and CZ-8101 are widely available for processes where a high level of adhesion is required, such as pretreatment for build-up resin lamination, dry film lamination or solder mask application.

Surface topography, SM adhesion (after gold plating), etching amount

Test procedure
SM test pattern development

Electroless Ni-Au plating

Dipping in a 10%-hydrochloric acid solution for 10 minutes
*Electroless Ni-Au condition
Plating solution: Non-cyanide type
Condition: Ni 85-90°C, 15 min. Au 85°C, 8 min.

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