AMALPHA paves the way toward the future of metals and resins.New technology for direct metal and resin bonding without adhesives

What is AMALPHA?

AMALPHA is MEC's proprietary metal surface treatment technology designed for direct metal and resin bonding.
This technology bonds metals and resins at a micro-interfacial level to enable integral molding of metals and resins.
AMALPHA is suitable for various molding technologies, such as insert injection molding, transfer molding and heat pressing.

Direct metal-to-resin bonding

AMALPHA is a chemical etching treatment technology used to form microscopically rough surfaces, of the order of micrometers, on metal.
When a resin is forced into the roughened surface and solidifies, a strong bond is achieved due to the “anchor effect.”

AMALPHA bonding mechanism

Innovative functional components enabled by AMALPHA

Micro-interfacial bonding between metal and resin will enable manufacturers to produce components of unprecedented design and with novel functions, allowing optimal use of features of both metals and resins.

Weight reduction

Use metal where strength is required, while using resin in other portions to lighten the component.

Air/water tightness

Tight adhesion between metal and resin prevents gases and liquids from passing through the interface.

Parts reduction

Screw-fastened or otherwise joined parts can be produced as integrally molded components to reduce required assembly man-hours.

Highly durable bond

The adhesive-free bond is highly durable.
The usable life of the bond is comparable to that of the base materials, being as long as the service life of the metal or resin.

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