1F : Entrance

    The Entrance has a space where disassembled PCs, smartphones and tablet PCs that were manufactured using MEC’s products are displayed, along with panels that briefly introduce the history and activities of the Company.

    1F : Analysis Room

    The Analysis Room is equipped with various analyzing instruments, such as XPS, FESEM and laser microscopes. These instruments, which analyze metal surfaces and sections, observe the appearance or cross sections of substrates, take observation images, and conduct detailed analysis through various forms of measuring, are used widely to conduct defect analysis requested by customers, investigation on R&D and substrate technology trends, and many other purposes.

    1F : Clean Room

    The Clean Room is a place where appropriate measures are taken to eliminate dust or other matter floating in the atmosphere to the ultimate extreme and to control the pressure, temperature and humidity, as well as the distribution, shape, speed, etc. of airflow, within a specific range. MEC has a class-10000 exposure chamber and a class-100,000 development chamber.

    2F・3F : Laboratory

    Once desirable results are obtained for a product through repeated experiments in beakers, verification tests toward its market launch are conducted using the application experiment devices that are almost equivalent to the actual production equipment. A prototype that has satisfied the evaluation criteria and is judged as nearly completed is submitted to the Specifications Check Committee, to undergo strict examination on whether it conforms to the required specifications and whether its performance is at or above the required standard level.

    4F・5F : Laboratory

    Various experiments are conducted using beakers and specialized small spraying machines. By actually processing substrate surfaces and trying different chemicals or blending ratios again and again while checking the metal surface conditions, many ideas are thoroughly tested until the results that conform to the required specifications are obtained. Through repeated beaker experiments, various know-how for product development can be accumulated.

    Around the Entrance

    Built in May 1993, the Nagaoka Factory is located in a corner of the Nagaoka Kumoide Industrial Park, about a 30-minute drive from JR Nagaoka Station. Here, MEC’s products are manufactured by blending a wide variety of ingredients and delivered to customers.

    Shipping ground

    Products that have passed final inspection are put in containers and stored in the warehouse until shipment. Their lot numbers, shipping destinations and other history data are controlled with barcodes, so that they can be shipped on a just-in-time basis (shipping only necessary items, when they are necessary, in the necessary amount). Our products are filled into the plastic cases, tanks or containers shown above when delivered to customers.

    Production unit 1F (blending tanks)

    Suppliers are selected based on clear criteria in terms of quality, cost, delivery period, technological capability, etc. After the ingredients are delivered, processes from their acceptance inspection to use in products are recorded and controlled in association with the key systems. Chemicals blended in the blending tanks are filled into plastic containers, etc. here.

    Production unit 1F (warehouse)

    MEC’s products are created through the blending of a wide variety of ingredients. A part of these ingredients are stored in this automated warehouse.

    Production unit 2F

    the barcode-controlled data. In the examination room, the performance of the produced chemicals is checked by examining samples from the produced chemicals against internal standards.

    Deleterious substances storage (warehouse)

    Chemicals produced are stored in a specialized warehouse. To satisfy each customer’s desired delivery period, product inventory is properly controlled.

    Deleterious substances tanks (tank yard)

    Measures to prevent leakage are taken for all our outdoor storage tanks, so as to prevent outflow to outside of the premises.

    Container washing unit

    Plastic containers, etc. used for delivery to customers are collected and washed. By promoting recycling of the containers as much as possible, MEC supports environment conservation activities.

    Dangerous articles production unit

    Dangerous articles are manufactured in a clean factory where the safety of employees and a good working environment are ensured.

    Tanks (around container washing unit)

    The main ingredients are stored in outdoor storage tanks, to be subject to online automatic feeding into each blending tank.