Enjoy your work × Contribute to society

We aim to improve corporate value through our business.

Since its foundation, the MEC Group has contributed to the industry under its Management Philosophy of “contributing to the creation of a prosperous and diverse society and sustainable environment, inspired by an unconventional approach based on the principles of ‘Visionary Technology’, ‘Reliable Quality’ and ‘Meticulous Service’, thereby creating and fostering value at various interfaces through our global activities”.
In 2021, we identified a range of social issues that we will prioritize through our core business, clarifying them as six material issues. Moving forward, we will continue to work toward realizing these goals. Furthermore, while aiming to contribute to the development of industry, we will also focus on the environment (E), society (S), and governance (G) through initiatives that consider conservation of the global environmental, as well as by creating a workplace where a diverse range of human resources can continue to work with peace of mind, maintaining and strengthening governance systems, and more.
MEC Group will aim to increase its corporate value by addressing material issues, striving to become a group that continues to be needed by our customers and other stakeholders.