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Human Capital Policy

The MEC Group regards employees as the most important human capital which supports the sustainable development of the Group, and is working to embody the ideal image of human resources as being “capable of self-reliance, self-discipline, and solidarity”. As part of our efforts to develop human resources and improve the internal environment with the aim of creating human value from a short-, medium-, and long-term perspective, we have established the Human Resource and Internal Environment Development Policy as shown below.

Human Resource and Internal Environment Development Policy

  • Realizing a corporate culture that allows employees to take on challenges
    We will foster a corporate culture in which human resources with diverse personalities and values can take on the challenge of “creation and transformation” through autonomous self-propulsion and solidarity.
  • Supporting career and skill development
    We will provide the education and training opportunities necessary for the sustainable growth of each employee and support both career and skill development.
  • Promoting diversity
    We will work to create a rewarding working environment by acquiring diverse human resources, building a personnel system that rewards individuals with fair evaluations, and enhancing our talent management system to realize effective human resource allocation.
  • Improving employee engagement
    We will improve employee engagement by promoting the development of systems and changing attitudes to accommodate a diverse range of human resources, and by improving work-life balance.
  • Building a favorable internal environment
    We will create a favorable internal environment in which all employees can maintain good physical and mental health and continue to work safely and energetically.

Human Capital Strategy

The MEC Group based on our corporate motto and management principle, the MEC Group has formulated and implemented a human resource strategy based on human capital management that is linked to our management strategy to realize the corporate image set forth in the Vision for 2030 and medium-term management plan.

Human resource development

The MEC Group regards employees as the most important human capital that supports the sustainable development of the Group. In order to enable human resources with diverse personalities and values to embody the ideal image of human resources is “autonomous driving and solidarity”, we are systematically developing human resources with the aim of creating human value from a short-,medium-, and long-term perspective.

Education system

To realize the development of human resources who are “autonomous driving and solidarity”, we provide various training programs for each purpose and employee category, and implement various measures. We have developed a training system by purpose and strive to improve employees’ abilities such as training by class customized for positions and roles, training to strengthen management skills for the purpose of developing management perspectives for managers who are selected to participate in such training, and training programs to improve language skills in response to global business development.

In particular, with regard to training for all employees to have the digital literacy set forth in the medium-term management plan, we will conduct various DX training programs over the next fiscal year, starting with digital literacy training this year, after organizing the concept of DX in our Company based on the employee level surveys.

Systems to support balancing work with childcare and family-care
Red letters: Based on our regulations)

Indicators and targets

Indicator Target(2030)
[1] Ratio of women in management positions 30% or more
[2] Gender wage gap 10% or less
[3] Percentage of men taking childcare leave 85% or more

※These are non-consolidated targets for the Company. No consolidated targets have been set.

General Employer Action Plan Based on the Act on the Promotion of Women’s Active Engagement in Professional Life and the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children

In order to create an employee environment that is easy to work in and where employees can demonstrate their abilities and achieve a work-life balance, the following action plan shall be formulated.

Planned period:
From April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2027 (Three years)
Provide female workers with opportunities related to their professional lives.
Increase the percentage of female workers in managerial positions to 30% or more.
・Have target employees (aspiring to become managers) take awareness training.
・Recruit management-level employees.
Numerical targets for balancing work and family life.
Increase the percentage of men taking parental leave to 85% or more “except for years in which no such person is eligible.”
・Explain the system in detail to male employees who are eligible.
・Share impressions and experiences from male employees who took advantage of the system.
・Deepen the understanding of supervisors at work and create an environment in which it is easy to take childcare leave.
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