IR policy

MEC Disclosure Policy (MDP)

Basic Policy

With the recognition that quick and accurate disclosure of information to all stakeholders on the basis of transparency, fairness and continuity is critically important, the company shall practice the disclosure of its corporate information diligently as a whole company. The company shall strive to establish a good relationship with the capital markets in order to have its corporate value properly evaluated, especially by means of the information disclosure.

Information Disclosure Method

With respect to the Securities Exchange Law and other relevant laws and regulations and the Timely Disclosure Rule prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange as well as the information whose contents are deemed to be valuable for the judgment of investment, the company shall register the information at the TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network*Japanese site) and correspondingly post it on the MEC company’s website.

IR Activities

The company shall conduct vigorous IR activities so that all shareholders and investors can make investment judgments based on an appropriate recognition of the company’s business performance. In order to achieve such objective, the company shall practice diligent and fair information disclosure to and make best efforts in maintaining interactive communications with all shareholders and investors and shall conduct comprehensible IR activities consistently with novel ideas.

Strict Compliance with MDP

The company shall have MDP thoroughly known and strictly observed by all corporate members from the perspective of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).