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Other metal surface treatment

Technologies and know-how for selective etching of various metals and microetching of copper, are obtained many years of research and development. These technologies can be used in a wide range of market needs.

These etching technologies can remove a specific metal without affecting (etching) other co-existing metals.

Nickel-chromium alloy remover

CH series

From the copper and nickel-chromium co-existing substrate, nickel-chromium alloy can be selectively etched without damaging the copper surface. The CH series is useful for removing nickel-chromium film residue or etching the embedded resistance film on a 2-layer, sputter-type flexible substrate.

Etching example

Nickel remover

NH-1860 series

This series performs selective etching of nickel on the copper and nickel co-existing substrate without damaging the copper surface. It is useful in forming copper posts using nickel as a barrier layer or in forming patterns through reverse transfer process using nickel as a base metal.

Etching example

Copper remover


This slightly alkaline etching agent is able to etch copper without damaging co-existing nickel or solder.

Etching example

Aluminum remover
MEC aluminum smoothing agent


This is an alkaline type etching solution to form a smooth aluminum surface by removing burr or scratches on aluminum surfaces. It does not damage copper surface.

Etching example

This is a table of metal combinations to which selective etching is applicable.

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Metal for etching (to be removed)
CuCopper NiNickel SnTin AlAluminum CoCobalt MoMolybdenum InIndium BiBismuth Ni-CrNichrome ITOIndium
CuCopper   B A A A       B B
NiNickel A   A A   B        
SnTin A     B   B        
AlAluminum A A     A B C A    
CoCobalt A   A A   B     B B
MoMolybdenum A A B A A   B A B B
InIndium A   A A   B        
BiBismuth A   A A   B        
Ni-CrNichrome A A A A A B        
A B A A A B B A    
  • AApplicable
  • BApplicable depending on the conditions. Please contact us.
  • GrayWe are sorry, not applicable.

*Selective etching may not be applicable depending on the components of the substrate.

*Whether selective etching is applicable or not may be determined only after the details of the desired treatment are clarified. So please contact us first.

Please select the metal combination on which you intend to apply selective etching.

Metal for protection
(to be left or protected)
Metal for etching
(to be removed)

Select the first metal.

Other metal roughening

NR series(Under development)

This etching solution produces a unique surface topography having a superior anchor effect by etching a nickel surface. It is useful as a pretreatment agent for dry film lamination on the nickel surface.

Etching example

Selective roughening


This slightly alkaline etching agent enables etching of copper film without damaging co-existing nickel or solder.

Etching example

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