Risk management

The Risk Management Committee, which has been established based on the Risk Management Regulations, takes the lead in working to prevent various kinds of risk and responding to risks that hinder the business of the company and the group companies as a whole.

BCP (Business Continuity Plan) -related initiatives

We have formulated and operate BCP so that, in the event of an unexpected emergency such as an accident or natural disaster that causes serious damage to a facility, we can ensure the physical safety of employees and minimize the impact on business continuity and customers.
We have also formulated action plans for disasters and accidents that do not trigger a BCP to prepare for unexpected events.
In addition to natural disasters, we have also formulated a BCP for the spread of highly virulent infectious diseases. This was used in considering our initial response when the pandemic caused by COVID-19 occurred.

Operation of safety confirmation system

We have introduced a safety confirmation system operated by a security company so that we can promptly confirm the safety of all employees in the event of a disaster. This system automatically sends safety confirmation emails and aggregates the response status when an earthquake of a certain magnitude or higher occurs or when a J-alert is issued. However, if the impact of a typhoon is foreseen for example, even though emails are not automatically sent out, a mechanism can be used to send emails to target individuals all at once, acting as a means of emergency communication to tell them to wait at home instead of coming into work, etc.

Construction of satellite telephone network

A satellite telephone system has been installed at all of our sites so that we can keep in touch with each other even if normal telephone lines become unusable in the event of a disaster, etc.