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Relationship with Shareholders / Investors

Basic Policy

With Shareholders / Investors (Responsibility to Shareholders / Investors)

The MEC Group continues to be a corporate group with high growth potential, stability, and transparency, aiming to create greater value through its business activities and to have such corporate value highly evaluated in the market.

Holding general meeting of shareholders

We set a date for our general meeting of shareholders, which is a place for direct communication with shareholders, so that it avoids many general meetings of shareholders being held at the same time. We send out the notice of convocation of the general meeting of shareholders at an early stage, utilize exercise of voting rights via the Internet, and post the convocation notice in Japanese and English on our website. In these ways, we are working to facilitate the exercise of voting rights by our shareholders.

General meeting of shareholders

Financial results briefing session, seminar for investors and analysts (briefing session)

We hold financial results briefing sessions for institutional investors and analysts, have technical seminars, and hold meetings with domestic and overseas institutional investors and analysts. We also hold company briefing sessions for shareholders, have seminars for individual investors, and exhibit at exhibitions. Thus, we are working to enhance the environment for communicating with shareholders and investors. The opinions and questions obtained through these forms of communication are reported to the management as appropriate.
In FY2022, we utilized the Web conferencing system and telephone conferences to hold financial results briefing sessions (4 times) and meetings (about 230 times in total) as appropriate to continue communication.
We also hold an online briefing for individual investors, and a summary of the briefing is posted on our website.

IR Library

Communication with shareholders

In order to deepen understanding of the Company, we hold company briefing sessions after the general meeting of shareholders and issue a shareholder newsletter (twice a year). We will carry out a shareholder questionnaire in the shareholder newsletter, and utilize the feedback we receive when we disseminate information, create a magazine, and conduct business activities.
In March 2023, we held a briefing session at the Tokyo venue for the first time in four years, and after the president spoke mainly about "financial results," "business overview," and "future outlook," a lively exchange of opinions took place.

Shareholder communication

Investor Relations

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