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Relationship with Customers

Basic Policy

With Customers (Responsibility to Customers)

To always satisfy customers, the MEC Group continues to be a corporate group that provides user-friendly, environment-conscious, visionary, and high value-added products, technologies, and services ensuring high quality, safety and reliability.

Management of chemical substances in products

We work hard so as to prevent unintentional contamination of products with substances that should not be included in them (prohibited substances) based on laws and regulations, industry standards, and requests from customers. We will continue to promote appropriate management of chemical substances contained in products with the cooperation of our suppliers as well as within the Company.

Policy on chemical substances contained in products

  1. Prevent environmental pollution, reduce environmental load, reduce waste, and promote recycling
  2. Promote the development and improvement of environmentally friendly (less harmful) products
  3. Comply with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements
  4. Collect and disclose the latest information, and thoroughly ensure safety management

Management and Response Regarding Chemical Substance Control Information in Each Country

Because our Company’s products and raw materials are chemical substances, they are subject to various domestic and international regulations. In Japan, there are various related regulations such as "Act on the Regulation of Manufacture and Evaluation of Chemical Substances", "Industrial Safety and Health Act", "Fire Service Act". When exporting or importing, for example, if exporting to or from the EU, it is necessary to comply with REACH Regulation*1, and if exporting to or from the U.S., it is necessary to comply with TSCA*2.
As the requirements of the regulations are revised according to the situation, we use the database of laws and regulations to collect and respond in a timely manner to prevent violations.

  1. Abbreviation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals and legislation on control of chemicals within the European Union
  2. Abbreviation for the Toxic Substances Control Act, which regulates the production and import of hazardous chemicals in the United States

Product safety system

We are developing products that take into account the need to eliminate highly toxic and dangerous substances from the design stage as much as possible. In order to ensure the safe use of our products, we provide necessary information in accordance with regulations, such as labeling and safety data sheets (SDS). We also provide detailed explanations in technical materials and others. Internally, we familiarize our employees with the dangers and hazards of our products and educate them about safe handling.

Initiatives for improving customer satisfaction

We carry out a satisfaction survey once a year on major customers that use our products a lot. This allows us to directly know their requests and dissatisfaction, utilize them for future product sharing, technical support, and in-house new product development, and strive to further satisfy them. We respond to requests and dissatisfaction in order from the ones that can be resolved.

Survey items

  • Product / technical support
  • Order support / counter support / after-sales service / price
  • Delivery dates / packing status
  • Environmental support

Survey measures for chemical substances contained in products

Because our Company products are subject to chemical substance-related regulations, each year we receive 300 to 500 replies to chemical substance surveys we have conducted on our customers to ensure that the chemical substances contained in our products do not violate applicable regulations. In fiscal 2022, we received approximately 300 surveys and responded appropriately.

Proposals for products that reduce environmental impact

We are introducing new chemicals and equipment that reduce the amount of chemicals and wastewater used in our Company products currently in use, and working to help customers reduce their environmental impact.
We will continue our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our customers.

  1. Sustainability
  2. ESG
  3. Relationship with Customers