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  • Chemicals for electronic substrates

  • Creating Surface Possibilities

  • R&D-based company

  • Global approach

  • Enjoy your work

  • Global Niche Top Company

  • Work-life balance

  • Resin-to-metal bonding technology “AMALPHA”

  • Mec Forest

  • Quality assurance


Chemicals for electronic substrates

MEC Co., Ltd. sells chemicals for the manufacturing of electronic substrates and parts,
as well as machinery and equipment, and various materials.

A wide variety of electronic products, such as smartphones, tablet computers,
PCs, cars and TVs, help to make our life convenient and comfortable.

Since its foundation in 1969, MEC has engaged in development,
manufacture, and sales of chemicals that are crucial to the manufacturing processes of
electronic substrates, the heart of these electronic products.


Creating Surface Possibilities

MEC Co., Ltd. contributes to the advancement and sophistication of
electronics products through the creation of “surface,”
the interface where a substance has contact with another substance.

The surface has a substantial impact on the performance of electronics products.
In forming an electronic circuit, adhesion between copper and resin is highly important.

Our products dramatically improve adhesion strength by melting or reforming a metal surface to
give added value, thereby creating the interface surface at which the metal is bonded to resin or other metal.


R&D-based company

MEC Co., Ltd. assigns about a third of its non-consolidated employees to its R&D centers.
With also approx. 10% of consolidated sales revenue allocated to its research and development budget,
MEC actively promotes development of new products,
including mainly chemicals for the manufacture of electronic substrates.

To respond to remarkable technological innovation in electronic substrate manufacturing and
supply products tailored to innovative technologies, extensive research and development activities are crucial.

With a view to launching products in fields other than for electronic substrates over the long term,
MEC is also engaged in development of metal surface treatment technologies.

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Global approach

MEC Co., Ltd. operates in five regions in the world, to respond to the needs of customers worldwide.

Manufacturers of electronic substrates are increasingly globalized and their operations are expanding world-wide.

Under the principle of providing customers in any region of the world with
high-quality products in a short delivery period along with excellent technologies and support,
the MEC Group has established manufacturing bases in Taiwan, China (Suzhou, Zhuhai),
Tailand (Ayutthaya), and Europe (Belgium), and distributors in the United States and Korea.

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Enjoy your work

MEC’s corporate motto is “Enjoy your work.”
And the principles of its management philosophy are Visionary Technology, Reliable Quality, and Meticulous Service.
Our corporate motto and management philosophy are very important for our company.
They reflect our founder’s desire that our employees are able to work to realize their hopes and dreams.

The MEC group will contribute to the creation of a prosperous and diverse society and sustainable environment,
inspired by an unconventional approach based on the principles of "Visionary Technology", "Reliable Quality" and "Meticulous Service",
thereby creating and fostering value at various interfaces
through our global activities.

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Global Niche Top Company

MEC Co., Ltd. was selected as one of the Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100.

In 2014, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) selected companies that
strive to enter the global market, secure a high market share in niche sectors,
and have good corporate governance, and approve and recognize such companies as “Global Niche Top Companies.”

Holding a dominant share in the global market with its super-roughening materials that
dramatically enhance the adhesion between copper and resin in package substrates,
MEC has been selected as one of the top 20 companies in the chemistry category.


Work-life balance

MEC Co., Ltd. has been developing an environment in which
employees are able to balance work and private life easily.
To help its employees achieve a perfect work-life balance,
the Company has adopted diverse working styles and
encouraged employees to balance work and home life.

About a third of the approx. 253 employees of MEC (non-consolidated) are women,
and about 23.5% of management executives are women.
95% of the women who have taken childcare leave return to work after the leave.

MEC was selected as a Hyogo Work-Life Balance Company for fiscal 2014.

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Resin-to-metal bonding technology “AMALPHA”

Adhesion enhancement technology
MEC’s core technology.
It is expected to further expand, in response to advancement of performance of electronic products with reduced size and weight, and higher frequency.

Fine wiring formation technology
It is a proven technology in the COF field.
This technology is expected to be applied to flexible substrates and mother boards.

Surface treatment technology
It is employed for pre-treatment processes of copper in electronic substrates.
Broadening the application of this technology,
MEC aims to promote the use of this technology into various fields,
such as surface roughening of metals other than copper and selective etching.

With these technologies,
MEC supports the further development of electronic boards and components.

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Mec Forest

MEC Co., Ltd. has been involved in creating forests.
Aiming to develop forests that protect water sources, foster water conservation and contribute to local communities,
MEC Launched the “MEC Forest” project in October 2008 in Nagaoka City, Niigata,
where its factory is located, and at the beginning of fiscal 2011 in Amagasaki City, Hyogo,
where its headquarters and research center are located.

Hoping that our activities will be useful in protecting water sources and absorbing carbon dioxide,
MEC, as a company using water, will carefully grow the MEC Forests and leave them for the future.

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Quality assurance

MEC Co., Ltd. pursues better quality and improved reliability,
to enhance customer satisfaction.

MEC’s products are generated through mixing various, diverse ingredients.
At our production sites, systems to comprehensively control all processes from
the receiving of ingredients and production to the shipment of products have been introduced,
so as to ensure reliability.

Moreover, our sales, R&D, and production departments work together in providing thorough
support for customers, to enable them to continuously use MEC products in
every possible production environment all over the world.

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