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Financial Review

Fiscal period 1Q 2Q 3Q Full year
FY12/2024(The 56th) 84KB
FY12/2023(The 55th) 82KB 84KB 85KB 330KB
FY12/2022(The 54th) 99KB 101KB 102KB 289KB
FY12/2021(The 53rd) 94KB 93KB 93KB 299KB
FY12/2020(The 52nd) 76KB 85KB 83KB 277KB
FY12/2019(The 51st) 83KB 86KB 87KB 277KB
FY12/2018(The 50th) 88KB 92KB 91KB 419KB
FY12/2017(The 49th) 96KB 96KB - 271KB
FY3/2017(The 48th) 70KB 75KB 75KB 255KB
FY3/2016(The 47th) 84KB 67KB 70KB 335KB
FY3/2015(The 46th) 80KB 77KB 88KB 356KB
FY3/2014(The 45th) 86KB 78KB 81KB 317KB
FY3/2013(The 44th) 113KB 90KB 98KB 312KB
FY3/2012(The 43rd) 125KB 118KB 137KB 309KB
FY3/2011(The 42nd) 122KB 119KB 128KB 446KB
FY3/2010(The 41st) 134KB 138KB 136KB 603KB
FY3/2009(The 40th) 234KB 225KB 220KB 495KB
FY3/2008(The 39th) 567KB 779KB 98KB 478KB

Earnings Release Conference

Fiscal period 1Q 2Q 3Q Full year
FY12/2024(The 56th) Data 1,987KB
Q&A Session
FY12/2023(The 55th) Data 934KB 1,542KB 1,160KB 1,596KB
Q&A Session 52KB 58KB 62KB 47KB
FY12/2022(The 54th) Data 323KB 334KB 334KB 934KB
Q&A Session 53KB 54KB 57KB 35KB
FY12/2021(The 53rd) Data 323KB 377KB 378KB 330KB
Q&A Session 50KB 50KB 49KB 50KB
FY12/2020(The 52nd) Data 343KB 333KB 329KB 308KB
FY12/2019(The 51st) Data 143KB 136KB 285KB 393KB
FY12/2018(The 50th) Data 483KB 235KB 303KB 295KB
Summary 38KB 37KB 55KB 37KB
FY12/2017(The 49th) Data 180KB 109KB - 142KB
Summary 34KB 37KB - 36KB
FY3/2017(The 48th) Data 215KB 217KB 233KB 326KB
Summary 40KB 38KB 37KB 29KB
FY3/2016(The 47th) Data 702KB 209KB 218KB 219KB
Summary 35KB 38KB 33KB 39KB
FY3/2015(The 46th) Data 153KB 157KB 148KB 109KB
Summary 36KB 41KB 33KB 30KB
FY3/2014(The 45th) Data 162KB 177KB 153KB 156KB
Summary 36KB 33KB 38KB 39KB
FY3/2013(The 44th) Data 211KB 326KB 287KB 286KB
FY3/2012(The 43rd) Data 187KB 192KB 247KB 304KB
FY3/2011(The 42nd) Data 209KB 710KB 908KB 556KB
FY3/2010(The 41st) Data 217KB 289KB 520KB 926KB
FY3/2009(The 40th) Data 152KB 103KB 129KB 143KB
FY3/2008(The 39th) Data 151KB 150KB 63KB 146KB

Summary of financial results briefing (from FY3/2014 to FY12/2018)

Data presented here are copied from the summary of corporate briefing posted on the Securities Analysts Association of Japan (SAAJ) website, with permission of SAAJ.

Corporate Governance Report

As of March 22, 2024 438KB

Sponsored Research Reports

Fiscal period 1Q 2Q 3Q Full year
FY12/2023(The 55th) 207KB 211KB 201KB 221KB
FY12/2022(The 54th) 209KB 216KB 215KB 1,112KB
FY12/2021(The 53rd) 137KB 214KB 276KB 455KB
FY12/2020(The 52nd) 172KB 175KB 195KB 173KB
FY12/2019(The 51st) - 525KB 247KB 192KB

MEC decided to commission a sponsored research report in English to improve communication with overseas investors and promote better understanding of the Company. The research report was written by Nippon Investment Bespoke Research UK Ltd, an independent research boutique specialized in the Japanese equities based in London, UK, but does not carry any investment recommendation. The report is solely prepared based on publicly available information and explains our business model, the past earnings trend and guidance and medium/long-term management vision in a style and supports our investor relations activities to foreign investors.

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