MEC’s Forest Building

As a manufacturer of chemicals for electronic substrates and other devices, we use large quantities of water in our business activities. In the belief that we could make a contribution to the local community and environment by building forests to form headwater areas that would also help to prevent global warming, we are growing forests in the cities of Nagaoka in Niigata Prefecture, where our Nagaoka Factory is located, and Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, where we are headquartered.

Nagaoka MEC Forest

- In Ozumi Mishimadani-machi, Nagaoka City -

With a view to contributing to protection of water sources and absorption of carbon dioxide through growing forests, MEC started creating a forest on abandoned idle farmland obtained on lease in the Mishimadani district of Nagaoka City, which is close to its Nagaoka Office.

Placing emphasis not only on our employees’ contact with nature but also on exchanges with local residents, who usually have little contact with MEC, a tree-planting event was held in November 2008 inviting MEC employees and their family members, local residents, and other relevant people in the prefectural or municipal government. In addition, we also plant cherry blossom trees along the roads so that local residents and drivers passing by can enjoy them. Under the instruction of the members of local forestry cooperatives and the forestry promotion department, 1,300 broad-leaved trees, including zelkova (keyaki), Amur cork, pagoda tree, beech, Mongolian oak, and konara oak, are being nurtured.

The 19th maintenance activity

We will continue maintenance operations to nurture a rich forest, while valuing the contact between our employees and local residents.

* On May 27, 2023 (Saturday), in addition to weeding, we have restored the waterway that was filled with earth and sand. Thanks to the cooperation of prefectural officials and the forestry association, we were able to finish the work by a total of 30 people.

Outline of MEC Forest

Forest development site
In Ozumi Mishimadani-machi, Nagaoka City
0.6 hectare
Development operations
Planting keyaki and other broad-leaved trees (2008)
Planting trees and cleaning undergrowth (2009 and subsequent years)

Nagaoka MEC Forest activities

Date Activity Description Participants (persons)
May 27, 2023 19th maintenance activity Underbrush cleaning, thinning of trees, clean up fallen trees, rehabilitation of waterways filled with earth and sand 30
September 28, 2019 18th maintenance activity Underbrush cleaning, thinning of trees 26
June 1, 2019 17th maintenance activity Underbrush cleaning, marking trees for clearing 34
June 9, 2018 16th maintenance activity Underbrush cleaning, fallen tree removal 34
Past activities

Amagasaki MEC Forest

- Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture -

MEC's forest-building activities in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture were followed by the start of similar activities in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, which is the site of our headquarters, in support of the Amagasaki 21st Century Forest Project promoted by the Hyogo Prefectural Government.

At the start of these activities, we made various preparations for tree-planting, including the recruitment of "sapling foster parents" who would grow saplings in their homes in 2010 and the growth of saplings on the roof of our laboratory in 2011.

We launched the forest-building activities in 2013, and have thus far planted broadleaf trees such as wild cherry and konara oak trees on a plot measuring 600 square meters. We are looking forward to the growth of the trees as we continue these activities.

Outline of Amagasaki MEC Forest

Forest development site
Ogimachi 33-4, Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture
600 square meters
Development operations
Planting wild cherry, konara oak, and other broadleaf trees, and thinning, mowing undergrowth, etc.

Amagasaki MEC Forest activities

Date Activity Description Participants (persons)
October 21, 2023 10th maintenance activity Undergrowth cleaning, thinning of trees 23
November 5, 2022 9th maintenance activity Undergrowth cleaning, thinning of trees 27
November 9, 2019 8th maintenance activity
5th planting activity
Undergrowth cleaning, thinning of trees
Planted 10 trees,"Weigela hortensis," and "Callicarpa mollis"
November 3, 2018 7th maintenance activity Maintenance of trees suffering from typhoon damage, undergrowth cleaning 24
Past activities

The 9th maintenance activity

Amagasaki 21st Century Forest Project

The Amagasaki waterfront area once led Japan’s industry and economy, mainly in the heavy and chemical industries, while it lost a substantial part of its precious nature in the course of modernization, facing pollution and various other environmental challenges. The area has lost its vitality due to changes in the industrial structure in recent years, which generated unused factory sites and other problems, and thus measures to revitalize the area are urgently needed.
In view of this situation, hoping to revitalize the Amagasaki waterfront area and transform it into an attractive and lively community, the Hyogo Prefecture formulated the Amagasaki 21st Century Forest Project in March 2002, aimed at creating an eco-friendly community through developing a natural environment full of water and greenery, which would make people’s lives rich and comfortable.
After the launch of this project, many supporting enterprises have promoted the forest-creation (community-building) initiative, resulting in a decrease in the number of idle factory sites. Efforts are being continued to further improve the area, making effective use of its precious, unique assets, such as canals and factory buildings, through the participation and collaboration of the prefectural residents and businesses. (Excerpt from the Hyogo Prefectural Government website)