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Regarding Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

Based on the awareness that prompt and accurate disclosure of information to all stakeholders is extremely important based on transparency, fairness, and continuity, the Company will make a concerted effort to provide corporate information. In particular, we will build a good relationship with the capital market to ensure that corporate value is properly assessed through information disclosure. Based on the principle of two-way communication, we value active communication with shareholders and disclose information honestly and fairly so that all shareholders and investors can make investment decisions based on an appropriate understanding of our businesses.

Providing Information to Shareholders

The Company disseminates information to all shareholders in a fair and equal manner, and discloses financial results and press releases on Tdnet and the Company website as soon as the Board of Directors passes a resolution.

In order to deepen the understanding of the Company’s Management Principle, vision, business model, and business activities, we strive to proactively disclose information by disclosing sustainability reports and ESG data, and participating in briefings for individual investors.

System and Initiatives for Dialogue with Shareholders

The Company has established a Corporate Communications Office (CC Office) to handle requests for dialogue from shareholders. The CC Office has a system to report the contents of such dialogue to the Board of Directors promptly.

Measures Toward Revitalization of the General Meeting of Shareholders and Facilitation of Exercise of Voting Rights

Prompt Delivery of Convocation Notice of General Meeting of Shareholders We send out convocation notices and reference materials approximately three weeks before the regular general meeting of shareholders.
Holding the General Meeting of Shareholders while avoiding dates when many other companies' General Meetings of Shareholders are held We determine the date of our general meeting while avoiding dates when such meetings of many other companies are held.
Exercise of Voting Rights by Electromagnetic Means We have created an environment in which voting rights can be exercised via the Internet.
Participation in Electronic Voting Platforms We has adopted the electronic voting platform for institutional investors (TSE platform) operated by ICJ, Inc.
Provision of English Version of the Convocation Notice (Summary) We create an English version of our convocation notice and post it on our website about two weeks before the general meeting of shareholders.
  1. Investor Relations
  2. Regarding Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors