Super-roughening type adhesion enhancement
(CZ roughening treatment)

Creating the copper surface topography best suited for your needs, contributing to the improvement in product reliability.

The unique roughened copper surface topography helps to obtain excellent copper-to-resin adhesion.


CZ-8000 series

This organic acid-type microetching solution creates a super-roughened copper surface. The uniquely-roughened copper surface topography helps to achieve high copper-to-resin adhesion. As a copper surface roughening agent, the CZ-8000 series is widely available for processes where a high level of adhesion is required, such as pretreatment for build-up resin lamination, dry film lamination or solder mask application.

PWB Roadmap and MEC’s Technologies

Dedicated pretreatment for MECetchBOND CZ: CA-5330A

MECBRITE CA-5330A is a dedicated pretreatment agent for the MECetchBOND CZ series, the copper surface super-roughening agent. MECetchBOND's performance can be maximized by effectively removing inhibitors on the copper surface with slight etching that may interrupt the effects of the CZ series, such as the residue of dry film adhesives, fingerprints or oxides, thereby improving the final product reliability.

Pretreatment is important to create an evenly-roughened topography.


CL-8300 series

This anti-tarnish agent protects copper surfaces roughened by the MECetchBOND CZ series from oxidization and creates an organic film that helps to improve adhesion of copper to high Tg resins.

Organic film created by CL-8300 series

Peel strength: 35 μm copper foil (with/without CL-8300 treatment)

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