Dry film pretreatment


CB-5000 series

This H2SO4-H2O2 type microetching agent creates a uniquely-roughened copper surface topography with a low etching amount, which helps to increase adhesion to resins. It is suitable as a pretreatment for dry film lamination and solder mask formation. The high copper holding capacity and the excellent hydrogen peroxide stability implicate cost-efficiency.

Surface topography (0.5 μm etching × 3,500, 45°)



MECetchBOND STZ-3100, an organic acid-type etching solution, produces a super-roughened copper seed surface. It can roughen the copper seed surface with an extremely small etching amount (0.1–0.2 μm), and the ultrafine, roughened topography enhances adhesion to dry film for semi-additive process.

Dot pattern remaining rate

Electroless copper

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