Anisotropic etching

Helps to achieve an improved etch factor and finer patterns with copper chloride etching.


EXE Series

Compatible with standard acid etching processes.

Features of EXE Series

  • 20-times concentrated additive type (5% additive)
  • Can improve the etch factor by just adding it to an ordinary copper chloride etching solution.
  • Ordinary etching lines can be used.
  • General-purpose controller can be used.
  • Control margin is wide.
  • Both hydrogen peroxide and sodium chlorate can be used as oxidizers.

Anisotropic etching example

Target Drsign L/S(μm) 25/25 30/30 40/40
DF Design 31/19 36/24 45/35
DF thickness 15 15 25
Copper thickness 20 20 25
EXE Top:15.1 Bottom:25.0 EF:4.0 Top:20.0 Bottom:29.3 EF:4.3 Top:32.7 Bottm:41.8 EF:5.5
Conventional etchant Top:6.9 Bottom:25.1 EF:2.2 Top:14.2 Bottom:32.7 EF:2.2 Top:21.0 Bottom:43.0 EF:2.3

Test substrate specifications
Copper thickness: 20 μm (regular copper foil 12 μm + plating 8 μm)
Copper thickness: 25 μm (regular copper foil 12 μm + plating 13 μm)

*Electroless copper is included.

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