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Message from the President

Kazuo Maeda
President & CEOKazuo Maeda

MEC is a chemical manufacturer dedicated to R&D. Our main business is the development, manufacturing, and sales of specialized industrial chemicals. Our products enable improvements in the functionality and production efficiency of electronic substrates and the electronic components that support the expansive electronics industry, from IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to the 5G communication networks that drive these industries. Over the years, we have continued to expand our operations to meet the needs of markets around the world.

At MEC, our R&D and manufacturing operations are centered on three core technologies.

1.Metal surface treatment and molecular bonding to improve resin-to-metal bonding;
2.Micro patterning for displays, semiconductor packages, and electronic component modules;
3.Diverse surface etching techniques for metals such as nickel and aluminum, and material bonding technology.

MEC is improving its R&D and marketing capabilities with the aim of expanding the applicable fields for these technologies and to develop and foster the technology of the future that will be required by society.

MEC has established production subsidiaries in Taiwan, China, and Europe. Each company has a fully autonomous management structure for overseeing production, sales, and other operations. These subsidiaries provide a variety of technical services to meet the needs of local customers in each region. Our Japanese headquarters leads research and technology development that incorporates the needs of local customers. The MEC Group has developed a global network. In Asia, the abovementioned three subsidiaries cover the markets of Taiwan and China while currently our Japanese headquarters covers Korea, Southeast Asia, and the Japan domestic market. Our European subsidiary and Japanese headquarters collaborate to cover Europe and America, markets that are also important as information distribution sources.And to established a subsidiary company in Thailand in May 2017 and production began in september 2019.

The electronics market has seen a lull in smartphone demand and a slowdown in business related to cryptocurrency. Also, various media outlets are reporting on the impact US-China trade friction is having on the global economy. At the same time, expectations are growing that IoT-related markets are poised to achieve tangible growth. As such, in the near future we expect to see significant increases in demand related to servers for data gathering and analysis, sensors, and memory.

The commercialization of autonomous vehicles is also advancing and in the future this is expected to develop into connected mobility and also accelerate development in fields such as AI and robot engineering. We are on the verge of a major shift that will lead to the emergence of a new society.

Embracing the conditions of the current environment, MEC will continue to advance our creative technology development capabilities. We will work to accurately identify needs discovered throughout the various processes of innovation and create seeds that will contribute to commercial applications for innovative technology. At the same time, we will offer high-quality products and technology services to the electronics industry and related industries. We remain committed to ascertaining global trends and generating latent demand in business segments applicable to our core technologies.

In the chemicals business, our CZ Series of adhesion improving agents is in widespread use for package substrates fitted onto semiconductors amid increased demand for memory, sensor and processor applications, as well as for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that require great reliability when installed in automobiles. Our EXE Series, meanwhile, has captured a large share of the market for chemicals used to form micropatterns, the process enabling the production of highly dense IC packages found mainly in flat screen TVs.To respond to the increased speed of information communications, we are proceeding smoothly with product development for our FlatBOND Series, an adhesion acceleration agent using molecular bonding that maintains a smooth surface finish without becoming coarse. This chemical product will become critical to the high-speed communications sector. And use of our AMALPHA product – technology for directly bonding metal and resin –it is used in the body production process for certain PC.

MEC are dedicated to daily activities based on a medium to long-term strategy. By providing the market with new products and improved versions of existing products, including products for the internet infrastructure that will develop into the backbone for the highly promising IoT sector as well as products for automobiles, displays, and smartphones, a sector that requires the cost effective mass production of appealing products, we can continue to operate without being influenced by economic sentiment.

Our ESG Committee took the lead role in advancing responses, including matters already conforming to the code, in line with the spirit of the Corporate Governance Code, which was adopted on June 1, 2015 and has been revised as necessary ever since. Moving forward, we will work towards further improvements.
Furthermore, we received approval at the 47th Regular General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 21, 2016 to establish an Audit and Supervisory Board.

Lastly, in 2018 the Amagasaki Headquarters that integrates a research building, manufacturing plant, sales office and head office commenced operations. Make the most of this location will further strengthen our ability to drive our business forward by: improving customer service with accelerated development and steadier product quality; raising employee satisfaction by looking out for the environment and their safety; and further expanding our core technologies with the imagination and creativity of researchers in a new working environment.

Each member of the MEC Group will put forth every effort to remain worthy of your support and to meet your expectations.We ask for your continued understanding and support.

October 2019