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Relationship with Employees
(As of the end of December 2022)

Basic Policy

With Employees (Responsibility to Employees)

Upholding the corporate motto “Enjoy your work”, the MEC Group continues to be a corporate group in which each employee is pleased to work and proud of being a member of the MEC Group, and can enjoy greater happiness.

Working environment

The premise of our Company is respect for human rights, and we clearly state that treatment that ignores human rights, such as child labor and forced labor, is strictly prohibited. When hiring people, we check their age with official documents and make strict rules to ensure there is no dishonesty.

Respect for human rights policy

Respect for human rights is a major premise for our operations. By clearly stipulating prohibition of child labor and forced labor, we demonstrate our determination to respect human rights. When hiring, we make sure that there are no fraudulent rules, such as stating the age in official documents.

Preventing Harassment and Discrimination

We distribute the "Labor and Ethics Guidelines" prepared based on the RBA Code of Conduct, which is a code of conduct for the electronics industry, to all officers and employees to raise awareness of the need for harassment prevention. At the same time, we are working to prevent harassment by posting the guidelines in our in-house database, disseminating specific cases of harassment, and providing training.
The guidelines also state that we will not discriminate in terms of employment, promotion, or salary increases based on nationality, place of origin, gender, sexual minority (LGBTQ+), etc.

Freedom of association

Although we do not have a labor union, we do declare that we respect the legal rights of our employees (such as participating in collective bargaining).

Diversity and inclusion

We are actively promoting diversity and inclusion to become a company where people of all ages, genders, races, nationalities and disabilities with a variety of personalities and values can play an active role in driving innovation and growth in the Company.

Work-life balance

We have introduced various systems related to employment and are working to realize flexible work styles for employees.

Other initiatives

Encouraging the active participation of human resources regardless of gender

Since our company‘s founding, we have not discriminated between men and women based on the same job category. Therefore, we operate a single pay table for all regular employees as full-time employees. Regardless of gender, each person plays an active role according to their abilities.

                                   Gender pay gap (FY2022)

*At the MEC Group, the wage structure is set by position. There is no gender pay gap, and the wages of men and women in the same position is the same. The differences that exist are attributable to differences in the gender composition ratio for each position.

Promotion of male employees taking child-rearing leave

We introduced the child-rearing leave system in FY1991. The first childcare a male employee took was in FY2008. Since then, male employees have taken childcare leave as needed. Since FY2020, we have promoted the proactive participation of men in child-rearing, and by instilling an understanding of the need for a balance between work and child-rearing, the percentage of male employees who take childcare leave has greatly improved to 66.7% in FY2022. We will build a more productive work environment by encouraging each employee to practice self-directed work styles.

Building engagement

We continually conduct employee awareness surveys for the purpose of improving the workplace environment, confirming the relationship between the company and employees, and confirming the situation within departments. This applies to all employees, including temporary employees.

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Occupational safety and health

We build and operate a management system, in order to create a safe and hygienic workplace environment through efforts to discover and tackle such problems as dangerous work and places and hygiene issues.

Health and safety education and training

Each of our business facilities is engaging in education, training, and other activities concerning industrial safety and health. Factories in particular are engaging in various activities, including study meetings on chemicals, forklifts, and other items; safety patrols; activities for learning from near misses; and training for predicting hazards, in order to raise safety awareness and prevent accidents and disasters.

Industrial accidents

In FY2022, we had not industrial accidents involving lost time injuries. We will continue to improve our working environment.

Severity rate, frequency rate, and average number of working days lost per causality

In fiscal 2022*, the severity rate was 0.0, the frequency rate was 0.00, and the average number of working days lost per casualty was 0.

Calculated based on 253 employees (non-consolidated) as of the end of fiscal 2022

According to the situation of industrial accidents by industry (announced by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2023), the frequency rate in the manufacturing industry is 1.25, the severity rate is 0.08, and the average number of work days lost per casualty is 59.9.
The working environment in our Company is highly controlled in terms of safety and health.

Ensuring employee health

In addition to implementing health examinations every autumn (consultation rate of nearly 100%), special health examinations in spring and autumn, and stress checks (implementation rate of nearly 100%), we also carry out re-examinations and thorough treatment of those with abnormality findings.
We attach great importance to improving the mental and physical health of our employees.

Measures to prepare for a disaster

In order to ensure human life and business continuity in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or an outbreak of an infectious disease, we stockpile emergency supplies, conduct various related drills, introduce regular evacuation drills and safety confirmation systems, and formulate BCP*. measures are being taken.

Business Continuity Plan: A variety of policy measures formulated in advance to ensure the safety of human life and the continuation of business operations.

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