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Research & Development

MEC’s key development concept is “Creating and Fostering Value at Various Interfaces.”
We define “surface” as “where a substance is in contact with another substance”.

Since the performance of electronic products is greatly influenced by their “surface”, our basic stance is to contribute to the evolution and advancement of electronic products through the creation of these surfaces. For this reason MEC devotes about one-third of its employees and 10% of its consolidated sales revenue to research and development.

R&D is at the heart of MEC:

1. Combining Market driven development…

Customer needs vary to a great extend: some demand the development of new high-performance, high value-added products, while others demand for quality improvement of existing applications or are seeking for reduction of their production cost.

To satisfy this wide variety of customer needs, we try stay ahead of the curve: We have developed a system ensuring these ever changing needs are quickly captured and promptly reflected in our research and development efforts.

2. With original, out-of-the box research.

At the same time, we continue our R&D efforts in new fields where we believe to find high growth potential. These also include fields other than applications for electronic substrates. In our opinion such R&D efforts are made to enhance our competitive edge and develop new markets.

Research & development system capable of directly responding to customer needs


Research & development expenses (consolidated)

12/2019 12/2020 12/2021 12/2022 12/2023
Consolidated sales (million yen) 10,865 11,956 15,038 16,329 14,020
R&D expenses (million yen) 1,200 1,359 1,323 1,330 1,219
Ratio to consolidated sales (%) 11.0 11.4 8.8 8.1 8.7
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