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Information Security

Our philosophy on information security

In order to properly manage and use the Company’s information assets*, we have stipulated basic matters that executives and employees should comply with. And we are working to achieve uniform information security management by appropriately using them.

All information that the Company legitimately obtains from itself or others and keeps; this covers all information including non-digitized information as well as human, physical, and environmental resources for using such information.

Management system

Operation of Information Security Committee

We have established the Information Security Committee, headed by the executive in charge of information security management, and it has representatives from each sites as members. It deliberates on and examines information security management within the Company. The latest committee deliberated on and examined how to ensure security when working from home and how to improve the environment for connecting to the internal network.

Implementation of information security audit

We regularly audit the actual state of information security management and strive to optimize it.

Handling of confidential information of customers and business partners

Confidential information of customers and business partners is classified from our confidential information, and we have established an appropriate information management system according to customers and business partners and are implementing efforts to protect the information.

About Protection of personal data

We are working to protect personal information by stipulating a personal information protection policy, establishing a mechanism for protecting personal information, and making all employees fully aware of the importance of protecting personal information.

Privacy Policy

Education and training on Information Security

New information security training for home and business trips is provided as needed.
A self-inspection on information security is conducted every year for all employees including temporary staff, etc., the pass rate was 93%. After the implementation, regardless of pass or fail, we explain the rules and standards related to the problem and promote understanding.

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  3. Information Security